When You Were Younger

by Rand Phillips

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released July 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Rand Phillips Texas

Rand Phillips is a musician/songwriter living in central Texas, USA.

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Track Name: When You Were Younger
Tell me, tell me all your stories
All the memories of the war
Of the life you lived before
Of the love you had for her
When you were younger

Show me, roads you haven’t taken
All the reverie remains
On what was left along the way
Of other faces from a day
When you were younger

Do you remember them at all?
How all the years have come and how they’ve gone
Do you remember them at all?
Now when you find you’re all alone

Holding a heart forever open
See a smile behind the eyes
And the love for her inside
While the hope was kept alive
When you were younger

Tell me, tell me all your stories

©2017, Rand Phillips
Track Name: Tomorrow
It's hard to hold your tongue
When the seams are all coming undone
A cure that doesn't come
For all the bothered
Day will follow days
Unlike the others

Do you believe, openhearted?
Don't leave it alone until tomorrow

You got lost along the way
Fell with a fever
Then a voice that seemed to say
Come to the water

©2017, Rand Phillips
Track Name: Autumn
Here I say my goodbye
You’re going away
Essence of honesty
Falls like rain

We moved apart in time
I watched it unwind
Helpless to stop emotions
I couldn’t be kind

Do you say clearly what you think?
Was it always worth it?
Will you think of me when you’re older, and wonder for a moment?

Here I say my goodbye
You’re driving away
Failing to find the words
I manage a wave

We moved apart in time
Separate lives
Helpless to turn the tide
We won’t even try

©2015, Rand Phillips
Track Name: Start Afresh
When did you wake up
And turn it all around?
When did you see that all of the streams
Join the river south?

What does it matter
When heroes die?
That you would ask says a lot about you
As if you mattered

I say raze the barn let's start afresh

I know who you are
A shadow with a smile
Fearing the most that all of those
Lies are remembered

I say raze the barn let's start afresh

When did you wake up?

©2015, Rand Phillips
Track Name: Memories
You can almost tell, the light
The season is passing
Here, it's quiet
Our thoughts aren't for asking

Dream of memories
Dream of those to be

There upon my mind in reels
Life on a big screen
First a boy, then a man
Sojourner for a time again

Over there's a sign that warns
The End is approaching
I've passed it for years, sometimes a fear
It came and I missed it

©2017, Rand Phillips
Track Name: Fly
Maybe I’m afraid
Reconsider who you have become
What if I can’t fly?
Rest a little while upon the lawn

Surely, I will die
You must see the goodness in it all
I’m frightened that I’ll fall
We all fall and forward we move on

Would you have pity here to spare?
If you were honest, would you care?

I could fall in love
You would be the hero she would hug
I will call her Dear
She will be a treasure to be sure

You could come and stay
Would you have a view upon the sea?
You would be amazed
It will be a treasure to believe

Mikey never walked on his own
Sitting at the window at home
Building a machine in his mind
Mikey can fly
Higher than higher than high
Fly, Mikey fly, fly, fly

©2015, Rand Phillips
Track Name: All Of The Reasons
All of the reasons
We love to be loved
My heart is beating
Father above

All of the reasons
Here, look around
So many faces
Alone in a crowd

All of the lives
We touch as we go
Spinning about on
A world we don’t own

Holding each other
Sharing your love
Peace to another
Father above

All of the reasons
We love to be loved
My heart is beating
Father above

©2015, Rand Phillips